Welcome to Grounded Bath and Body!

Our mission is to provide you with premium quality bath and body products that are good for your skin.

It all started about 5 years ago, when I started reading about all of the harmful chemicals that were hiding in the shampoos, body washes and many other bath and body products I was purchasing from the local drug store.  I was so shocked to find what some of these harmful ingredients were doing to our bodies and have read time and time again that these harmful effects have been known for decades yet they continue to be sold.  I spent months doing research on how to make my own handmade soaps.  One sunny summer afternoon, I spent the afternoon in the basement, following a basic cold process soap recipe.  I was surprised at how easy it was!  One batch lead to another and I began giving some away to family and friends.  Then I saw that the supplier I was purchasing from, offered workshops and I was eager to attend.  The wealth of information over the last few years has lead me here.  I love making products that are safe and good for our skin.

We only use natural, healthy ingredients in our products.  All of our products are vegetarian friendly and most are vegan friendly.  We do not test on our pets, only on friends and family.

All items are hand made in small batches to ensure you receive the best quality and freshest products.

We keep packaging at a minimum.  If it is not necessary, we don’t use it.  Our soaps are wrapped in paper and the glass or plastic PET containers are all recyclable.  Supplies are purchased from local and Canadian suppliers, not only to reduce our carbon footprint, but to support our home country.

We are always working on new products, so check in often!  If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I welcome your feedback and suggestions!


If you have any questions or want to place an order before our website is live, please visit the contact page here:  Contact Us